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// $Id$
Website Baker Project <>
Copyright (C) 2004-2009, Ryan Djurovich
Website Baker is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or
(at your option) any later version.
Website Baker is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
GNU General Public License for more details.
You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
along with Website Baker; if not, write to the Free Software
Foundation, Inc., 59 Temple Place, Suite 330, Boston, MA  02111-1307  USA
// use languageedit-module to modify this file
// Define that this file is loaded
if(!defined('LANGUAGE_LOADED')) {
define('LANGUAGE_LOADED', true);
// Set the language information
$language_code = 'EN';
$language_name = 'English';
$language_version = '2.8';
$language_platform = '2.8.x';
$language_author = 'Ryan Djurovich, Christian Sommer';
$language_license = 'GNU General Public License';
// Menu titles
$MENU['START'] = 'Start';
$MENU['PAGES'] = 'Pages';
$MENU['MEDIA'] = 'Media';
$MENU['ADDONS'] = 'Add-ons';
$MENU['MODULES'] = 'Modules';
$MENU['TEMPLATES'] = 'Templates';
$MENU['LANGUAGES'] = 'Languages';
$MENU['PREFERENCES'] = 'Preferences';
$MENU['SETTINGS'] = 'Settings';
$MENU['ADMINTOOLS'] = 'Admin-Tools';
$MENU['ACCESS'] = 'Access';
$MENU['USERS'] = 'Users';
$MENU['GROUPS'] = 'Groups';
$MENU['HELP'] = 'Help';
$MENU['VIEW'] = 'View';
$MENU['LOGOUT'] = 'Log-out';
$MENU['LOGIN'] = 'Login';
$MENU['FORGOT'] = 'Retrieve Login Details';
// Section overviews
$OVERVIEW['START'] = 'Administration overview';
$OVERVIEW['PAGES'] = 'Manage your websites pages...';
$OVERVIEW['MEDIA'] = 'Manage files stored in the media folder...';
$OVERVIEW['MODULES'] = 'Manage Website Baker modules...';
$OVERVIEW['TEMPLATES'] = 'Change the look and feel of your website with templates...';
$OVERVIEW['LANGUAGES'] = 'Manage Website Baker languages...';
$OVERVIEW['PREFERENCES'] = 'Change preferences such as email address, password, etc... ';
$OVERVIEW['SETTINGS'] = 'Changes settings for Website Baker...';
$OVERVIEW['USERS'] = 'Manage users who can log-in to Website Baker...';
$OVERVIEW['GROUPS'] = 'Manage user groups and their system permissions...';
$OVERVIEW['HELP'] = 'Got a questions? Find your answer...';
$OVERVIEW['VIEW'] = 'Quickly view and browse your website in a new window...';
$OVERVIEW['ADMINTOOLS'] = 'Access the Website Baker administration tools...';
// Headings
$HEADING['MODIFY_DELETE_PAGE'] = 'Modify/Delete Page';
$HEADING['DELETED_PAGES'] = 'Deleted Pages';
$HEADING['ADD_PAGE'] = 'Add Page';
$HEADING['ADD_HEADING'] = 'Add Heading';
$HEADING['MODIFY_PAGE'] = 'Modify Page';
$HEADING['MODIFY_PAGE_SETTINGS'] = 'Modify Page Settings';
$HEADING['MODIFY_ADVANCED_PAGE_SETTINGS'] = 'Modify Advanced Page Settings';
$HEADING['MANAGE_SECTIONS'] = 'Manage Sections';
$HEADING['MODIFY_INTRO_PAGE'] = 'Modify Intro Page';
$HEADING['BROWSE_MEDIA'] = 'Browse Media';
$HEADING['CREATE_FOLDER'] = 'Create Folder';
$HEADING['UPLOAD_FILES'] = 'Upload File(s)';
$HEADING['INSTALL_MODULE'] = 'Install Module';
$HEADING['UNINSTALL_MODULE'] = 'Uninstall Module';
$HEADING['MODULE_DETAILS'] = 'Module Details';
$HEADING['INSTALL_TEMPLATE'] = 'Install Template';
$HEADING['UNINSTALL_TEMPLATE'] = 'Uninstall Template';
$HEADING['TEMPLATE_DETAILS'] = 'Template Details';
$HEADING['INSTALL_LANGUAGE'] = 'Install Language';
$HEADING['UNINSTALL_LANGUAGE'] = 'Uninstall Language';
$HEADING['LANGUAGE_DETAILS'] = 'Language Details';
$HEADING['MY_SETTINGS'] = 'My Settings';
$HEADING['MY_EMAIL'] = 'My Email';
$HEADING['MY_PASSWORD'] = 'My Password';
$HEADING['GENERAL_SETTINGS'] = 'General Settings';
$HEADING['DEFAULT_SETTINGS'] = 'Default Settings';
$HEADING['SEARCH_SETTINGS'] = 'Search Settings';
$HEADING['FILESYSTEM_SETTINGS'] = 'Filesystem Settings';
$HEADING['SERVER_SETTINGS'] = 'Server Settings';
$HEADING['WBMAILER_SETTINGS'] = 'Mailer Settings';
$HEADING['ADMINISTRATION_TOOLS'] = 'Administration Tools';
$HEADING['MODIFY_DELETE_USER'] = 'Modify/Delete User';
$HEADING['ADD_USER'] = 'Add User';
$HEADING['MODIFY_USER'] = 'Modify User';
$HEADING['MODIFY_DELETE_GROUP'] = 'Modify/Delete Group';
$HEADING['ADD_GROUP'] = 'Add Group';
$HEADING['MODIFY_GROUP'] = 'Modify Group';
$HEADING['ADDON_PRECHECK_FAILED'] = 'Add-On requirements not met';
$HEADING['INVOKE_MODULE_FILES'] = 'Execute module files manually';
// Other text
$TEXT['OPEN'] = 'Open';
$TEXT['ADD'] = 'Add';
$TEXT['MODIFY'] = 'Modify';
$TEXT['SETTINGS'] = 'Settings';
$TEXT['DELETE'] = 'Delete';
$TEXT['SAVE'] = 'Save';
$TEXT['RESET'] = 'Reset';
$TEXT['LOGIN'] = 'Login';
$TEXT['RELOAD'] = 'Reload';
$TEXT['CANCEL'] = 'Cancel';
$TEXT['NAME'] = 'Name';
$TEXT['PLEASE_SELECT'] = 'Please select';
$TEXT['TITLE'] = 'Title';
$TEXT['PARENT'] = 'Parent';
$TEXT['TYPE'] = 'Type';
$TEXT['VISIBILITY'] = 'Visibility';
$TEXT['PRIVATE'] = 'Private';
$TEXT['PUBLIC'] = 'Public';
$TEXT['NONE'] = 'None';
$TEXT['NONE_FOUND'] = 'None Found';
$TEXT['CURRENT'] = 'Current';
$TEXT['CHANGE'] = 'Change';
$TEXT['WINDOW'] = 'Window';
$TEXT['DESCRIPTION'] = 'Description';
$TEXT['KEYWORDS'] = 'Keywords';
$TEXT['ADMINISTRATORS'] = 'Administrators';
$TEXT['PRIVATE_VIEWERS'] = 'Private Viewers';
$TEXT['EXPAND'] = 'Expand';
$TEXT['COLLAPSE'] = 'Collapse';
$TEXT['MOVE_UP'] = 'Move Up';
$TEXT['MOVE_DOWN'] = 'Move Down';
$TEXT['RENAME'] = 'Rename';
$TEXT['MODIFY_SETTINGS'] = 'Modify Settings';
$TEXT['MODIFY_CONTENT'] = 'Modify Content';
$TEXT['VIEW'] = 'View';
$TEXT['UP'] = 'Up';
$TEXT['FORGOTTEN_DETAILS'] = 'Forgotten your details?';
$TEXT['NEED_TO_LOGIN'] = 'Need to log-in?';
$TEXT['SEND_DETAILS'] = 'Send Details';
$TEXT['USERNAME'] = 'Username';
$TEXT['PASSWORD'] = 'Password';
$TEXT['HOME'] = 'Home';
$TEXT['TARGET_FOLDER'] = 'Target folder';
$TEXT['OVERWRITE_EXISTING'] = 'Overwrite existing';
$TEXT['FILE'] = 'File';
$TEXT['FILES'] = 'Files';
$TEXT['FOLDER'] = 'Folder';
$TEXT['FOLDERS'] = 'Folders';
$TEXT['CREATE_FOLDER'] = 'Create Folder';
$TEXT['UPLOAD_FILES'] = 'Upload File(s)';
$TEXT['CURRENT_FOLDER'] = 'Current Folder';
$TEXT['TO'] = 'To';
$TEXT['FROM'] = 'From';
$TEXT['INSTALL'] = 'Install';
$TEXT['UNINSTALL'] = 'Uninstall';
$TEXT['VIEW_DETAILS'] = 'View Details';
$TEXT['DISPLAY_NAME'] = 'Display Name';
$TEXT['AUTHOR'] = 'Author';
$TEXT['VERSION'] = 'Version';
$TEXT['DESIGNED_FOR'] = 'Designed For';
$TEXT['DESCRIPTION'] = 'Description';
$TEXT['EMAIL'] = 'Email';
$TEXT['LANGUAGE'] = 'Language';
$TEXT['TIMEZONE'] = 'Timezone';
$TEXT['CURRENT_PASSWORD'] = 'Current Password';
$TEXT['NEW_PASSWORD'] = 'New Password';
$TEXT['RETYPE_NEW_PASSWORD'] = 'Re-type New Password';
$TEXT['ACTIVE'] = 'Active';
$TEXT['DISABLED'] = 'Disabled';
$TEXT['ENABLED'] = 'Enabled';
$TEXT['RETYPE_PASSWORD'] = 'Re-type Password';
$TEXT['GROUP'] = 'Group';
$TEXT['SYSTEM_PERMISSIONS'] = 'System Permissions';
$TEXT['MODULE_PERMISSIONS'] = 'Module Permissions';
$TEXT['SHOW_ADVANCED'] = 'Show Advanced Options';
$TEXT['HIDE_ADVANCED'] = 'Hide Advanced Options';
$TEXT['BASIC'] = 'Basic';
$TEXT['ADVANCED'] = 'Advanced';
$TEXT['WEBSITE'] = 'Website';
$TEXT['DEFAULT'] = 'Default';
$TEXT['KEYWORDS'] = 'Keywords';
$TEXT['TEXT'] = 'Text';
$TEXT['HEADER'] = 'Header';
$TEXT['FOOTER'] = 'Footer';
$TEXT['TEMPLATE'] = 'Template';
$TEXT['THEME'] = 'Backend-Theme';
$TEXT['INSTALLATION'] = 'Installation';
$TEXT['DATABASE'] = 'Database';
$TEXT['HOST'] = 'Host';
$TEXT['INTRO'] = 'Intro';
$TEXT['PAGE'] = 'Page';
$TEXT['SIGNUP'] = 'Sign-up';
$TEXT['PHP_ERROR_LEVEL'] = 'PHP Error Reporting Level';
$TEXT['ADMIN'] = 'Admin';
$TEXT['PATH'] = 'Path';
$TEXT['URL'] = 'URL';
$TEXT['FRONTEND'] = 'Front-end';
$TEXT['EXTENSION'] = 'Extension';
$TEXT['TABLE_PREFIX'] = 'Table Prefix';
$TEXT['CHANGES'] = 'Changes';
$TEXT['ADMINISTRATION'] = 'Administration';
$TEXT['FORGOT_DETAILS'] = 'Forgot Details?';
$TEXT['LOGGED_IN'] = 'Logged-In';
$TEXT['WELCOME_BACK'] = 'Welcome back';
$TEXT['FULL_NAME'] = 'Full Name';
$TEXT['ACCOUNT_SIGNUP'] = 'Account Sign-Up';
$TEXT['LINK'] = 'Link';
$TEXT['ANCHOR'] = 'Anchor';
$TEXT['TARGET'] = 'Target';
$TEXT['NEW_WINDOW'] = 'New Window';
$TEXT['SAME_WINDOW'] = 'Same Window';
$TEXT['TOP_FRAME'] = 'Top Frame';
$TEXT['PAGE_LEVEL_LIMIT'] = 'Page Level Limit';
$TEXT['SUCCESS'] = 'Success';
$TEXT['ERROR'] = 'Error';
$TEXT['ARE_YOU_SURE'] = 'Are you sure?';
$TEXT['YES'] = 'Yes';
$TEXT['NO'] = 'No';
$TEXT['SYSTEM_DEFAULT'] = 'System Default';
$TEXT['PAGE_TITLE'] = 'Page Title';
$TEXT['MENU_TITLE'] = 'Menu Title';
$TEXT['ACTIONS'] = 'Actions';
$TEXT['UNKNOWN'] = 'Unknown';
$TEXT['BLOCK'] = 'Block';
$TEXT['SEARCH'] = 'Search';
$TEXT['SEARCHING'] = 'Searching';
$TEXT['POST'] = 'Post';
$TEXT['COMMENT'] = 'Comment';
$TEXT['COMMENTS'] = 'Comments';
$TEXT['COMMENTING'] = 'Commenting';
$TEXT['SHORT'] = 'Short';
$TEXT['LONG'] = 'Long';
$TEXT['LOOP'] = 'Loop';
$TEXT['FIELD'] = 'Field';
$TEXT['REQUIRED'] = 'Required';
$TEXT['LENGTH'] = 'Length';
$TEXT['MESSAGE'] = 'Message';
$TEXT['SUBJECT'] = 'Subject';
$TEXT['MATCH'] = 'Match';
$TEXT['ALL_WORDS'] = 'All Words';
$TEXT['ANY_WORDS'] = 'Any Words';
$TEXT['EXACT_MATCH'] = 'Exact Match';
$TEXT['SHOW'] = 'Show';
$TEXT['HIDE'] = 'Hide';
$TEXT['START_PUBLISHING'] = 'Start Publishing';
$TEXT['FINISH_PUBLISHING'] = 'Finish Publishing';
$TEXT['DATE'] = 'Date';
$TEXT['START'] = 'Start';
$TEXT['END'] = 'End';
$TEXT['IMAGE'] = 'Image';
$TEXT['ICON'] = 'Icon';
$TEXT['SECTION'] = 'Section';
$TEXT['DATE_FORMAT'] = 'Date Format';
$TEXT['TIME_FORMAT'] = 'Time Format';
$TEXT['RESULTS'] = 'Results';
$TEXT['RESIZE'] = 'Re-size';
$TEXT['MANAGE'] = 'Manage';
$TEXT['CODE'] = 'Code';
$TEXT['WIDTH'] = 'Width';
$TEXT['HEIGHT'] = 'Height';
$TEXT['MORE'] = 'More';
$TEXT['READ_MORE'] = 'Read More';
$TEXT['CHANGE_SETTINGS'] = 'Change Settings';
$TEXT['CURRENT_PAGE'] = 'Current Page';
$TEXT['CLOSE'] = 'Close';
$TEXT['INTRO_PAGE'] = 'Intro Page';
$TEXT['INSTALLATION_URL'] = 'Installation URL';
$TEXT['INSTALLATION_PATH'] = 'Installation Path';
$TEXT['PAGE_EXTENSION'] = 'Page Extension';
$TEXT['NO_RESULTS'] = 'No Results';
$TEXT['WEBSITE_TITLE'] = 'Website Title';
$TEXT['WEBSITE_DESCRIPTION'] = 'Website Description';
$TEXT['WEBSITE_KEYWORDS'] = 'Website Keywords';
$TEXT['WEBSITE_HEADER'] = 'Website Header';
$TEXT['WEBSITE_FOOTER'] = 'Website Footer';
$TEXT['RESULTS_HEADER'] = 'Results Header';
$TEXT['RESULTS_LOOP'] = 'Results Loop';
$TEXT['RESULTS_FOOTER'] = 'Results Footer';
$TEXT['LEVEL'] = 'Level';
$TEXT['NOT_FOUND'] = 'Not Found';
$TEXT['PAGE_SPACER'] = 'Page Spacer';
$TEXT['MATCHING'] = 'Matching';
$TEXT['TEMPLATE_PERMISSIONS'] = 'Template Permissions';
$TEXT['PAGES_DIRECTORY'] = 'Pages Directory';
$TEXT['MEDIA_DIRECTORY'] = 'Media Directory';
$TEXT['FILE_MODE'] = 'File Mode';
$TEXT['USER'] = 'User';
$TEXT['OTHERS'] = 'Others';
$TEXT['READ'] = 'Read';
$TEXT['WRITE'] = 'Write';
$TEXT['EXECUTE'] = 'Execute';
$TEXT['SMART_LOGIN'] = 'Smart Login';
$TEXT['REMEMBER_ME'] = 'Remember Me';
$TEXT['FILESYSTEM_PERMISSIONS'] = 'Filesystem Permissions';
$TEXT['DIRECTORIES'] = 'Directories';
$TEXT['DIRECTORY_MODE'] = 'Directory Mode';
$TEXT['LIST_OPTIONS'] = 'List Options';
$TEXT['OPTION'] = 'Option';
$TEXT['ALLOW_MULTIPLE_SELECTIONS'] = 'Allow Multiple Selections';
$TEXT['TEXTFIELD'] = 'Textfield';
$TEXT['TEXTAREA'] = 'Textarea';
$TEXT['SELECT_BOX'] = 'Select Box';
$TEXT['CHECKBOX_GROUP'] = 'Checkbox Group';
$TEXT['RADIO_BUTTON_GROUP'] = 'Radio Button Group';
$TEXT['SIZE'] = 'Size';
$TEXT['DEFAULT_TEXT'] = 'Default Text';
$TEXT['SEPERATOR'] = 'Separator';
$TEXT['BACK'] = 'Back';
$TEXT['UNDER_CONSTRUCTION'] = 'Under Construction';
$TEXT['MULTISELECT'] = 'Multi-select';
$TEXT['SHORT_TEXT'] = 'Short Text';
$TEXT['LONG_TEXT'] = 'Long Text';
$TEXT['HOMEPAGE_REDIRECTION'] = 'Homepage Redirection';
$TEXT['HEADING'] = 'Heading';
$TEXT['MULTIPLE_MENUS'] = 'Multiple Menus';
$TEXT['REGISTERED'] = 'Registered';
$TEXT['SECTION_BLOCKS'] = 'Section Blocks';
$TEXT['REGISTERED_VIEWERS'] = 'Registered Viewers';
$TEXT['ALLOWED_VIEWERS'] = 'Allowed Viewers';
$TEXT['SUBMISSION_ID'] = 'Submission ID';
$TEXT['SUBMISSIONS'] = 'Submissions';
$TEXT['SUBMITTED'] = 'Submitted';
$TEXT['MAX_SUBMISSIONS_PER_HOUR'] = 'Max. Submissions Per Hour';
$TEXT['SUBMISSIONS_STORED_IN_DATABASE'] = 'Submissions Stored In Database';
$TEXT['EMAIL_ADDRESS'] = 'Email Address';
$TEXT['CUSTOM'] = 'Custom';
$TEXT['ANONYMOUS'] = 'Anonymous';
$TEXT['SERVER_OPERATING_SYSTEM'] = 'Server Operating System';
$TEXT['WORLD_WRITEABLE_FILE_PERMISSIONS'] = 'World-writeable file permissions';
$TEXT['LINUX_UNIX_BASED'] = 'Linux/Unix based';
$TEXT['WINDOWS'] = 'Windows';
$TEXT['HOME_FOLDER'] = 'Home Folder';
$TEXT['HOME_FOLDERS'] = 'Home Folders';
$TEXT['PAGE_TRASH'] = 'Page Trash';
$TEXT['INLINE'] = 'In-line';
$TEXT['SEPARATE'] = 'Separate';
$TEXT['DELETED'] = 'Deleted';
$TEXT['VIEW_DELETED_PAGES'] = 'View Deleted Pages';
$TEXT['EMPTY_TRASH'] = 'Empty Trash';
$TEXT['TRASH_EMPTIED'] = 'Trash Emptied';
$TEXT['ADD_SECTION'] = 'Add Section';
$TEXT['POST_HEADER'] = 'Post Header';
$TEXT['POST_FOOTER'] = 'Post Footer';
$TEXT['POSTS_PER_PAGE'] = 'Posts Per Page';
$TEXT['RESIZE_IMAGE_TO'] = 'Resize Image To';
$TEXT['UNLIMITED'] = 'Unlimited';
$TEXT['OF'] = 'Of';
$TEXT['OUT_OF'] = 'Out Of';
$TEXT['NEXT'] = 'Next';
$TEXT['PREVIOUS'] = 'Previous';
$TEXT['NEXT_PAGE'] = 'Next Page';
$TEXT['PREVIOUS_PAGE'] = 'Previous Page';
$TEXT['ON'] = 'On';
$TEXT['LAST_UPDATED_BY'] = 'Last Updated By';
$TEXT['RESULTS_FOR'] = 'Results For';
$TEXT['TIME'] = 'Time';
$TEXT['REDIRECT_AFTER'] = 'Redirect after';
$TEXT['SERVER_EMAIL'] = 'Server Email';
$TEXT['MENU'] = 'Menu';
$TEXT['MANAGE_GROUPS'] = 'Manage Groups';
$TEXT['MANAGE_USERS'] = 'Manage Users';
$TEXT['PAGE_LANGUAGES'] = 'Page Languages';
$TEXT['HIDDEN'] = 'Hidden';
$TEXT['MAIN'] = 'Main';
$TEXT['RENAME_FILES_ON_UPLOAD'] = 'Rename Files On Upload';
$TEXT['APP_NAME'] = 'Application Name';
$TEXT['SESSION_IDENTIFIER'] = 'Session Identifier';
$TEXT['SEC_ANCHOR'] = 'Section-Anchor text';
$TEXT['BACKUP'] = 'Backup';
$TEXT['RESTORE'] = 'Restore';
$TEXT['BACKUP_DATABASE'] = 'Backup Database';
$TEXT['RESTORE_DATABASE'] = 'Restore Database';
$TEXT['BACKUP_ALL_TABLES'] = 'Backup all tables in database';
$TEXT['BACKUP_WB_SPECIFIC'] = 'Backup only WB-specific tables';
$TEXT['BACKUP_MEDIA'] = 'Backup Media';
$TEXT['RESTORE_MEDIA'] = 'Restore Media';
$TEXT['ADMINISTRATION_TOOL'] = 'Administration tool';
$TEXT['CAPTCHA_VERIFICATION'] = 'Captcha Verification';
$TEXT['VERIFICATION'] = 'Verification';
$TEXT['DEFAULT_CHARSET'] = 'Default Charset';
$TEXT['CHARSET'] = 'Charset';
$TEXT['MODULE_ORDER'] = 'Module-order for searching';
$TEXT['MAX_EXCERPT'] = 'Max lines of excerpt';
$TEXT['TIME_LIMIT'] = 'Max time to gather excerpts per module';
$TEXT['PUBL_START_DATE'] = 'Start date';
$TEXT['PUBL_END_DATE'] = 'End date';
$TEXT['CALENDAR'] = 'Calendar';
$TEXT['DELETE_DATE'] = 'Delete date';
$TEXT['WBMAILER_DEFAULT_SETTINGS_NOTICE'] = 'Please specify a default "FROM" address and "SENDER" name below. It is recommended to use a FROM address like: <strong></strong>. Some mail provider (e.g. <em></em>) may reject mails with a FROM: address like <em></em> sent via a foreign relay to avoid spam.<br /><br />The default values are only used if no other values are specified by Website Baker. If your server supports <acronym title="Simple mail transfer protocol">SMTP</acronym>, you may want use this option for outgoing mails.';
$TEXT['WBMAILER_NOTICE'] = '<strong>SMTP Mailer Settings:</strong><br />The settings below are only required if you want to send mails via <acronym title="Simple mail transfer protocol">SMTP</acronym>. If you do not know your SMTP host or you are not sure about the required settings, simply stay with the default mail routine: PHP MAIL.';
$TEXT['WBMAILER_FUNCTION'] = 'Mail Routine';
$TEXT['WBMAILER_SMTP_AUTH'] = 'SMTP Authentification';
$TEXT['WBMAILER_SMTP_AUTH_NOTICE'] = 'only activate if your SMTP host requires authentification';
$TEXT['PLEASE_LOGIN'] = 'Please login';
$TEXT['HEADING_CSS_FILE'] = 'Actual module file: ';
$TEXT['TXT_EDIT_CSS_FILE'] = 'Edit the CSS definitions in the textarea below.';
$TEXT['CODE_SNIPPET'] = "Code-snippet";
$TEXT['REQUIREMENT'] = "Requirement";
$TEXT['INSTALLED'] = "installed";
$TEXT['NOT_INSTALLED'] = "not installed";
$TEXT['ADDON'] = "Add-On";
$TEXT['EXTENSION'] = "Extension";
$TEXT['UNZIP_FILE'] = "Upload and unpack a zip archive";
$TEXT['DELETE_ZIP'] = "Delete zip archive after unpacking";
// Success/error messages
$MESSAGE['FRONTEND']['SORRY_NO_VIEWING_PERMISSIONS'] = 'Sorry, you do not have permissions to view this page';
$MESSAGE['FRONTEND']['SORRY_NO_ACTIVE_SECTIONS'] = 'Sorry, no active content to display';
$MESSAGE['ADMIN']['INSUFFICIENT_PRIVELLIGES'] = 'Insufficient privelliges to be here';
$MESSAGE['LOGIN']['BOTH_BLANK'] = 'Please enter your username and password below';
$MESSAGE['LOGIN']['USERNAME_BLANK'] = 'Please enter a username';
$MESSAGE['LOGIN']['PASSWORD_BLANK'] = 'Please enter a password';
$MESSAGE['LOGIN']['USERNAME_TOO_SHORT'] = 'Supplied username to short';
$MESSAGE['LOGIN']['PASSWORD_TOO_SHORT'] = 'Supplied password to short';
$MESSAGE['LOGIN']['USERNAME_TOO_LONG'] = 'Supplied username to long';
$MESSAGE['LOGIN']['PASSWORD_TOO_LONG'] = 'Supplied password to long';
$MESSAGE['LOGIN']['AUTHENTICATION_FAILED'] = 'Username or password incorrect';
$MESSAGE['SIGNUP']['NO_EMAIL'] = 'You must enter an email address';
$MESSAGE['SIGNUP2']['SUBJECT_LOGIN_INFO'] = 'Your login details...';
Your '{LOGIN_WEBSITE_TITLE}' login details are:
Username: {LOGIN_NAME}
Your password has been set to the one above.
This means that your old password will no longer work.
If you have received this message in error, please delete it immediately.
$MESSAGE['FORGOT_PASS']['NO_DATA'] = 'Please enter your email address below';
$MESSAGE['FORGOT_PASS']['EMAIL_NOT_FOUND'] = 'The email that you entered cannot be found in the database';
$MESSAGE['FORGOT_PASS']['CANNOT_EMAIL'] = 'Unable to email password, please contact system administrator';
$MESSAGE['FORGOT_PASS']['PASSWORD_RESET'] = 'Your username and password have been sent to your email address';
$MESSAGE['FORGOT_PASS']['ALREADY_RESET'] = 'Password cannot be reset more than once per hour, sorry';
$MESSAGE['START']['WELCOME_MESSAGE'] = 'Welcome to Website Baker Administration';
$MESSAGE['START']['INSTALL_DIR_EXISTS'] = 'Warning, Installation Directory Still Exists!';
$MESSAGE['START']['CURRENT_USER'] = 'You are currently logged in as:';
$MESSAGE['SETTINGS']['UNABLE_OPEN_CONFIG'] = 'Unable to open the configuration file';
$MESSAGE['SETTINGS']['UNABLE_WRITE_CONFIG'] = 'Cannot write to configuration file';
$MESSAGE['SETTINGS']['SAVED'] = 'Settings saved successfully';
$MESSAGE['SETTINGS']['MODE_SWITCH_WARNING'] = 'Please Note: Pressing this button resets all unsaved changes';
$MESSAGE['SETTINGS']['WORLD_WRITEABLE_WARNING'] = 'Please note: this is only recommended for testing environments';
$MESSAGE['USERS']['ADDED'] = 'User added successfully';
$MESSAGE['USERS']['SAVED'] = 'User saved successfully';
$MESSAGE['USERS']['DELETED'] = 'User deleted successfully';
$MESSAGE['USERS']['NO_GROUP'] = 'No group was selected';
$MESSAGE['USERS']['USERNAME_TOO_SHORT'] = 'The username you entered was too short';
$MESSAGE['USERS']['PASSWORD_TOO_SHORT'] = 'The password you entered was too short';
$MESSAGE['USERS']['PASSWORD_MISMATCH'] = 'The passwords you entered do not match';
$MESSAGE['USERS']['INVALID_EMAIL'] = 'The email address you entered is invalid';
$MESSAGE['USERS']['EMAIL_TAKEN'] = 'The email you entered is already in use';
$MESSAGE['USERS']['USERNAME_TAKEN'] = 'The username you entered is already taken';
$MESSAGE['USERS']['CHANGING_PASSWORD'] = 'Please note: You should only enter values in the above fields if you wish to change this users password';
$MESSAGE['USERS']['CONFIRM_DELETE'] = 'Are you sure you want to delete the selected user?';
$MESSAGE['GROUPS']['ADDED'] = 'Group added successfully';
$MESSAGE['GROUPS']['SAVED'] = 'Group saved successfully';
$MESSAGE['GROUPS']['DELETED'] = 'Group deleted successfully';
$MESSAGE['GROUPS']['GROUP_NAME_BLANK'] = 'Group name is blank';
$MESSAGE['GROUPS']['CONFIRM_DELETE'] = 'Are you sure you want to delete the selected group (and any users that belong to it)?';
$MESSAGE['GROUPS']['NO_GROUPS_FOUND'] = 'No groups found';
$MESSAGE['GROUPS']['GROUP_NAME_EXISTS'] = 'Group name already exists';
$MESSAGE['PREFERENCES']['DETAILS_SAVED'] = 'Details saved successfully';
$MESSAGE['PREFERENCES']['EMAIL_UPDATED'] = 'Email updated successfully';
$MESSAGE['PREFERENCES']['CURRENT_PASSWORD_INCORRECT'] = 'The (current) password you entered is incorrect';
$MESSAGE['PREFERENCES']['PASSWORD_CHANGED'] = 'Password changed successfully';
$MESSAGE['TEMPLATES']['CHANGE_TEMPLATE_NOTICE'] = 'Please note: to change the template you must go to the Settings section';
$MESSAGE['MEDIA']['DIR_DOT_DOT_SLASH'] = 'Cannot include ../ in the folder name';
$MESSAGE['MEDIA']['DIR_DOES_NOT_EXIST'] = 'Directory does not exist';
$MESSAGE['MEDIA']['TARGET_DOT_DOT_SLASH'] = 'Cannot have ../ in the folder target';
$MESSAGE['MEDIA']['NAME_DOT_DOT_SLASH'] = 'Cannot include ../ in the name';
$MESSAGE['MEDIA']['NAME_INDEX_PHP'] = 'Cannot use index.php as the name';
$MESSAGE['MEDIA']['NONE_FOUND'] = 'No media found in the current folder';
$MESSAGE['MEDIA']['FILE_NOT_FOUND'] = 'File not found';
$MESSAGE['MEDIA']['DELETED_FILE'] = 'File deleted successfully';
$MESSAGE['MEDIA']['DELETED_DIR'] = 'Folder deleted successfully';
$MESSAGE['MEDIA']['CONFIRM_DELETE'] = 'Are you sure you want to delete the following file or folder?';
$MESSAGE['MEDIA']['CANNOT_DELETE_FILE'] = 'Cannot delete the selected file';
$MESSAGE['MEDIA']['CANNOT_DELETE_DIR'] = 'Cannot delete the selected folder';
$MESSAGE['MEDIA']['BLANK_NAME'] = 'You did not enter a new name';
$MESSAGE['MEDIA']['BLANK_EXTENSION'] = 'You did not enter a file extension';
$MESSAGE['MEDIA']['RENAMED'] = 'Rename successful';
$MESSAGE['MEDIA']['CANNOT_RENAME'] = 'Rename unsuccessful';
$MESSAGE['MEDIA']['FILE_EXISTS'] = 'A file matching the name you entered already exists';
$MESSAGE['MEDIA']['DIR_EXISTS'] = 'A folder matching the name you entered already exists';
$MESSAGE['MEDIA']['DIR_MADE'] = 'Folder created successfully';
$MESSAGE['MEDIA']['DIR_NOT_MADE'] = 'Unable to create folder';
$MESSAGE['MEDIA']['SINGLE_UPLOADED'] = ' file was successfully uploaded';
$MESSAGE['MEDIA']['UPLOADED'] = ' files were successfully uploaded';
$MESSAGE['PAGES']['ADDED'] = 'Page added successfully';
$MESSAGE['PAGES']['ADDED_HEADING'] = 'Page heading added successfully';
$MESSAGE['PAGES']['PAGE_EXISTS'] = 'A page with the same or similar title exists';
$MESSAGE['PAGES']['CANNOT_CREATE_ACCESS_FILE'] = 'Error creating access file in the /pages directory (insufficient privileges)';
$MESSAGE['PAGES']['CANNOT_DELETE_ACCESS_FILE'] = 'Error deleting access file in the /pages directory (insufficient privileges)';
$MESSAGE['PAGES']['NOT_FOUND'] = 'Page not found';
$MESSAGE['PAGES']['SAVED'] = 'Page saved successfully';
$MESSAGE['PAGES']['SAVED_SETTINGS'] = 'Page settings saved successfully';
$MESSAGE['PAGES']['NOT_SAVED'] = 'Error saving page';
$MESSAGE['PAGES']['DELETE_CONFIRM'] = 'Are you sure you want to delete the selected page (and all of its sub-pages)';
$MESSAGE['PAGES']['DELETED'] = 'Page deleted successfully';
$MESSAGE['PAGES']['RESTORED'] = 'Page restored successfully';
$MESSAGE['PAGES']['BLANK_PAGE_TITLE'] = 'Please enter a page title';
$MESSAGE['PAGES']['BLANK_MENU_TITLE'] = 'Please enter a menu title';
$MESSAGE['PAGES']['REORDERED'] = 'Page re-ordered successfully';
$MESSAGE['PAGES']['CANNOT_REORDER'] = 'Error re-ordering page';
$MESSAGE['PAGES']['INSUFFICIENT_PERMISSIONS'] = 'You do not have permissions to modify this page';
$MESSAGE['PAGES']['INTRO_NOT_WRITABLE'] = 'Cannot write to file /pages/intro.php (insufficient privileges)';
$MESSAGE['PAGES']['INTRO_SAVED'] = 'Intro page saved successfully';
$MESSAGE['PAGES']['LAST_MODIFIED'] = 'Last modification by';
$MESSAGE['PAGES']['INTRO_LINK'] = 'Click HERE to modify the intro page';
$MESSAGE['PAGES']['SECTIONS_PROPERTIES_SAVED'] = 'Section properties saved successfully';
$MESSAGE['PAGES']['RETURN_TO_PAGES'] = 'Return to pages';
$MESSAGE['GENERIC']['FILL_IN_ALL'] = 'Please go back and fill-in all fields';
$MESSAGE['GENERIC']['FILE_TYPE'] = 'Please note that the file you upload must be of the following format:';
$MESSAGE['GENERIC']['FILE_TYPES'] = 'Please note that the file you upload must be in one of the following formats:';
$MESSAGE['GENERIC']['CANNOT_UPLOAD'] = 'Cannot upload file';
$MESSAGE['GENERIC']['ALREADY_INSTALLED'] = 'Already installed';
$MESSAGE['GENERIC']['NOT_INSTALLED'] = 'Not installed';
$MESSAGE['GENERIC']['CANNOT_UNINSTALL'] = 'Cannot uninstall';
$MESSAGE['GENERIC']['CANNOT_UNZIP'] = 'Cannot unzip file';
$MESSAGE['GENERIC']['INSTALLED'] = 'Installed successfully';
$MESSAGE['GENERIC']['UPGRADED'] = 'Upgraded successfully';
$MESSAGE['GENERIC']['UNINSTALLED'] = 'Uninstalled successfully';
$MESSAGE['GENERIC']['BAD_PERMISSIONS'] = 'Unable to write to the target directory';
$MESSAGE['GENERIC']['INVALID'] = 'The file you uploaded is invalid';
$MESSAGE['GENERIC']['CANNOT_UNINSTALL_IN_USE'] = 'Cannot Uninstall: the selected file is in use';
$MESSAGE['GENERIC']['CANNOT_UNINSTALL_IN_USE_TMPL'] = "<br /><br />{{type}} <b>{{type_name}}</b> could not be uninstalled, because it is still in use on {{pages}}.<br /><br />";
$MESSAGE['GENERIC']['CANNOT_UNINSTALL_IS_DEFAULT_TEMPLATE'] = "Can't uninstall the template <b>{{name}}</b>, because it is the default template!";
$MESSAGE['GENERIC']['PLEASE_CHECK_BACK_SOON'] = 'Please check back soon...';
$MESSAGE['GENERIC']['PLEASE_BE_PATIENT'] = 'Please be patient, this might take a while.';
$MESSAGE['GENERIC']['ERROR_OPENING_FILE'] = 'Error opening file.';
$MESSAGE['GENERIC']['INVALID_ADDON_FILE'] = 'Invalid Website Baker installation file. Please check the *.zip format.';
$MESSAGE['GENERIC']['INVALID_LANGUAGE_FILE'] = 'Invalid Website Baker language file. Please check the text file.';
$MESSAGE['MOD_FORM']['REQUIRED_FIELDS'] = 'You must enter details for the following fields';
$MESSAGE['MOD_FORM']['EXCESS_SUBMISSIONS'] = 'Sorry, this form has been submitted too many times so far this hour. Please retry in the next hour.';
$MESSAGE['MOD_FORM']['INCORRECT_CAPTCHA'] = 'The verification number (also known as Captcha) that you entered is incorrect. If you are having problems reading the Captcha, please email: '.SERVER_EMAIL.'';
$MESSAGE['ADDON']['RELOAD'] = 'Update database with information from Add-on files (e.g. after FTP upload).';
$MESSAGE['ADDON']['ERROR_RELOAD'] = 'Error while updating the Add-On information.';
$MESSAGE['ADDON']['MODULES_RELOADED'] = 'Modules reloaded successfully';
$MESSAGE['ADDON']['TEMPLATES_RELOADED'] = 'Templates reloaded successfully';
$MESSAGE['ADDON']['LANGUAGES_RELOADED'] = 'Languages reloaded successfully';
$MESSAGE['ADDON']['PRECHECK_FAILED'] = 'Add-on installation failed. Your system does not fulfill the requirements of this Add-on. To make this Add-on working on your system, please fix the issues summarized below.';
$MESSAGE['ADDON']['MANUAL_INSTALLATION'] = 'When modules are uploaded via FTP (not recommended), the module installation files <tt>install.php</tt>, <tt>upgrade.php</tt> or <tt>uninstall.php</tt> will not be executed automatically. Those modules may not work correct or do not uninstall properly.<br /><br />You can execute the module files manually for modules uploaded via FTP below.';
$MESSAGE['ADDON']['MANUAL_INSTALLATION_WARNING'] = 'Warning: Existing module database entries will get lost. Only use this option if you experience problems with modules uploaded via FTP.';

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